Stahl's Famous Belly Button Cookies

Belly Button Cookies (10oz)
Belly Button Cookies (10oz)
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Product Description

The story goes that this amazing cookie first appeared as a baking mistake. We won't say what that error was, of course, but it proved to be one of the best things ever to occur at Stahl's. The baker at that time (waaaay back in the 1970s) tasted what they thought was waste. He loved it. Soon the rest of the staff and customers were eating them and loving them. The bakery's owner at the time decided they had to be put out in the marketplace and history was made. A rich chocolate and walnut praline style cookie that satisfies a sweet tooth like nothing else! So rich and buttery every bite is a special treat. The explosion of chocolate unexpected in such a lightweight cookie. A favorite in the Detroit area for over 30 years.

NOTICE: Belly Button Cookies are delicate, and may become broken in the shipping process. We cannot guarantee against breakage on these cookies. After you've had one you won't care if they are broken - they are that good.