Biscotti di Festa Cookies

Biscotti di Festa Italian Cookies (9oz)
Biscotti di Festa Italian Cookies (9oz)
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Many of our customers tell us this is the best biscotti they ever had. We first discovered it in a cookbook we purchased at a winery in Napa Valley. For many years I made large batches of it just for my family and friends during the holiday season. I froze it for my husband and myself so we could have it for a few months. When looking for biscotti to develop for Stahl's this is the first one I thought of. We hestitated to market it because the ingredients are expensive and they are work intensive. There is no way to shortcut or speed up making these delightful biscotti. To maintain their integrity they must also be mixed in small batches. Made with pistacchios, dried apricots, dried cranberries, anise, fennel, and a hint of almond. Delightful dipped in wine, coffee or tea. A real treat for a special occasion or just to enjoy all by yourself! Really, it's okay to hoard them.